November 7th, 2018


Poems/Fragments By Sappho - 2 Fills

Title: and still, you return
Fandom: avatar: the last airbender
Characters/Pairing: azula/mai
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 4. ...for those
Rating: T
Word Count: 460
Summary: Mai doesn’t know what to do with herself now that the war is over.
Link: ao3

Title: but me you have forgotten
Fandom: titans (tv 2018)
Characters/Pairing: dawn/kory
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 14. but me you have forgotten
Rating: T
Word Count: 501
Summary: Where Dove and Starfire were partners before Kory's accident.
Link: ao3