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Around the Clock Table - 04:00, 09:00, 12:00

Looks like I missed posting some of these, whoops!

Title: Sleepless
Fandom: Frozen (2013), Hercules (1997)
Pairing: Elsa/Megara (Disney)
Table/Prompt: Around the Clock | 04:00 - Insomnia
Rating: Teen (Referenced darker themes)
Word Count: 1,088
Summary: It surprises Elsa that she feels so free, in the city that everyone had warned her about. And then a late-night (or early-morning) encounter gives her one more thing to be hopeful about.
On AO3 (due to length)

Title: Letters of the Law
Fandom: Aladdin (1992), Frozen (2013)
Pairing: Jasmine/Marisol (Disney)
Table/Prompt: Around the Clock | 09:00 - Planned
Rating: General
Word Count: 1,256
Summary: An unorthodox solution presents itself to the problem of marriage that Jasmine faces.
On AO3 (due to length)

Title: Punctual
Fandom: Mulan (1998), Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Pairing: Aurora/Fa Mulan (Disney)
Table/Prompt: Around the Clock | 11:00 - Punctual
Rating: General
Word Count: 200
Summary: Maybe one of the matchmaker's words was worth keeping.
Also on AO3.

There were plenty of things that she would rather leave to Aurora. Aurora could make quiet seem peaceful, make demure seem careful; she could make grace into beauty and politeness into kindness. Beside Mulan, Aurora's hands could seem delicate, her taste in music refined, and her dancing so poised and perfect that it could be distracting, breathtaking, in its beauty.

They were words that Mulan had been challenged with, once. Things that she was supposed to be, that had not fitted her so well. Suitable for some, perhaps, but never her. And it had not been those that had drawn her to Aurora, not really; it had been the honesty and interest in her eyes, the welcoming way that she taken Mulan into her life; the sweet admiring way that she had spoken words meant only for Mulan's ears.

No, the matchmaker did not know what made a woman, be they Mulan or Aurora. But there might have been one true word among so many ridiculous ones.

Aurora wore a white gown, but Mulan was glad to wear the hanfu of her home in brilliant red, when they clasped their hands at the altar.

For this, it was worth punctuality.
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