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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles #20 - The Other Side of Love

Title: Lessons
Author: cmk418
Prompt Table: Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles
Prompt: 20 - The Other Side of Love
Fandom: OZ
Characters: Claire Howell/Diane Wittlesey
Word Count: 100
Rating: Teen
Summary: Lovemaking does not equal sex

Her mother had lectured her that lovemaking was something that you do with someone you cared about immensely, and should be done after you married him. Sex, she later discovered on her own, was something that could be done anywhere at any time with anyone, regardless of whether you knew them or not, regardless of whether you liked them or not. Claire thinks of this now, as Diane is tugging up her uniform pants and looking everywhere but at her. This wasn’t love. It was sex and nothing more and Claire shouldn’t even begin to confuse it with anything else.
Tags: author: cmk418, fandom: oz, table: pulp fiction
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