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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles - 10 - Detour

Title: Change of Plans
Author: cmk418
Prompt Table: Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles
Prompt: 10 - Detour
Fandom: Carol (The Price of Salt)
Pairing: Carol Aird/Therese Belivet
Rating: G
Word Court: 215
Summary: There are no quiet nights at home

Therese walks in, expecting a quiet night at home after the hustle of the day, and Carol is entertaining guests. Therese hasn’t gotten used to the constant stream of visitors, or the evenings full of plans. Carol greets her as she enters the room, kissing her on the cheek, as if Therese is a friend that Carol hasn’t seen in a very long time, instead of the woman Carol woke up with this morning. Carol levels that serene smile on her and introduces Therese to her friends. Therese is polite, of course, it wouldn’t do to make a scene. Not even Carol’s ex-husband would make a scene when company was visiting. Therese smiles and nods and follows Carol’s lead in playing the game- make them feel at home, but never let them too close. New York is by all appearances a progressive town, but many of the members of Carol’s social circle are quite conservative. Therese found it easier to be open in Waterloo, Iowa, than in the midst of one of Carol’s little soirees. Therese tries her best to hide her impatience, as she waits for the conversation to wind down and the guests to leave, when at last she can slip off her shoes, and both she and Carol can be themselves again.
Tags: author: cmk418, fandom: carol, table: pulp fiction
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