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Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles - 1 - After Hours

Title: Downtime
Author: cmk418
Fandom: OZ
Pairing: Claire Howell/Gloria Nathan/Diane Wittlesey
Prompt Table: Lesbian Pulp Fiction Titles
Prompt: 1- After Hours
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 530
Summary: Everybody needed a little downtime sometime and the women of Oz were no different.

Everybody needed a little downtime sometime and the women of Oz were no different. After a hard day at the office, they’d meet up for a drink at a bar. Diane had been working a lot and there was no telling when she would show up so that left Claire and Gloria with plenty of bonding time. Claire was used to seeing Diane and Gloria together as a couple, but Gloria had mentioned that it was a friends with benefits kind of arrangement between them. Diane and she got together every few months and had sex and then it cooled off until one or the other felt the need for that again. Claire thought it was both crazy and high maintenance. Why not have sex more often? Like as often as they were going out drinking after work.

“It’s not like that with us,” was Gloria’s excuse.

“So you two aren’t exclusive?”

“I never really thought about it.”

“You’re really beautiful,” Claire blurted, then snapped her mouth shut. “Sorry, I’m a bit drunk.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful when you’re sober?”

Claire’s mouth opened and closed as she searched for a proper response. “I would need more than once every three months,” she said, then leaned forward to press her lips against Gloria’s.

Gloria drew back, searching Claire’s face. She then took Claire by the hand and led her in the direction of the women’s bathroom. Once inside, she did a brief check under the stalls and satisfied that they were alone, turned the lock on the door to the hallway. She then pressed Claire against the door, kissing her soundly.

This was the first of many spontaneous lovemaking sessions for the pair. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and took advantage of all of the storage closets, shower stalls, and vacant cells in Oz to have sex.

One day, as Gloria was finishing up her break, Diane walked into the staff room. “Hey,” Diane said, “I haven’t seen you around lately. Have you stopped going to Drew’s?”

“No. It’s just been a while since I’ve been there.”

“Claire hasn’t been either. I was wondering if we could have a girls’ night.”

Gloria hesitated. “Let me check with Claire.”

“Why do you need to do that?”

“Girls’ night. She’s one of the girls.”

Diane’s face fell. “I meant a you-and-me girls’ night.”


“But I guess we can invite her.”

Gloria brightened, “This will be good.”

That night, after she and Claire were finishing up, Gloria said, “Diane wants to meet up.”

“Oh, okay. The two of you have fun.” Claire was disappointed. She knew this thing with Gloria was too good to last.

“With both of us, at Drew’s, like old times. A girls’ night.”

“Woo hoo,” said Claire, making it obvious that her heart wasn’t in it.

“What do you think of Diane?”

“She’s okay. She whines a little too much for me. Is she like that with you?”

“Mmm. But it’s a good whine,” Gloria said, grinning and then stealing a kiss from Claire.

“Do you think we could change that whine to a purr?”

“If anybody could do it, sweetheart, we could.”


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