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Alternate Universes Table - #1 Acting/Film Stars

Title: It was just like a movie
Fandom: Danganronpa
Characters/Pairing: Kaede/Tsumugi
Table: Alternate Universes
Prompt: #1 - Acting/Film Stars
Rating: T
Word Count: 725
Summary: Kaede was incredibly excited with her newest project.
Note: I need a fandom tag. And an author tag. And a table tag too lol.</span>

Kaede was incredibly excited with her newest project. She had been hired to perform the musical soundtrack of the upcoming film 'Killing Harmony', which was the sequel to one of her favorite movies of all time... but that wasn't the only reason. She couldn't wait to meet the lead actress.

Her name was Tsumugi Shirogane. She was a fantastic actress; dedicated, hard-working, and extremely talented. She could really get in the skin of the character she was playing, and perform fabulously. And her style and her clothes were just incredible. Not to mention, she had charm... something about her just kept drawing Kaede's attention whenever she saw her acting, like she had a mysterious, almost sexy aura about her that she couldn't help but admire.

And then, she got to meet her film idol. And, unsurprisingly, she was nothing like what she had pictured her in her head.

Tsumugi was social, but she wasn't this extrovert, outgoing persona she had made her up to be. The actress mostly kept to herself. While she did hang out with the cast and the crew of the film, she didn't spend a lot of time with the rest, and Kaede didn't get to chat with her as much as she wanted to, because Tsumugi would usually leave the set and head home as soon as she was done with her scenes.

Until one day, as Kaede was finishing her work for the day, Tsumugi appeared, seemingly ut of thin air, in the piano room where she had been recording the latest track for the movie. Kaede was immediately surprised, and was even more surprised when the other girl's only words were the following.

"Kaede... are you interested in cosplay?"

A movie star who loved cosplay... who would've thought? It turns out, Kaede had worn that day a white sundress to work that day, and Tsumugi had also seen her play the violin during lunch break to a co-worker who had asked her if she knew how to play any other instruments besides the piano (she knew how to play violin and guitar, although she wasn't as skilled as with the piano but she knew how to play alright).

As a result, the actress had assumed she was cosplaying the female lead of the popular anime 'Your Lie In April', which apparently Tsumugi was a fan of. She looked incredibly disappointed when Kaede clarified that it was all just a coincidence... but as this was one of the rare times they found each other alone talking, Kaede decided to continue asking on the subject.

"I admit though, I have never tried cosplaying... it sounds kinda fun, doesn't it?" Kaede commented.

Tsumugi's eyes lit up immediately.

"Oh yes, it's so much fun!" she replied, her bright and beautiful smile brightening up the entire room. "I've only ever tried it alone at home... but it's really fun to dress up as different characters, and create your own costumes and designs. You wanna try it, Kaede? I've never tried it with someone else, but.. it could be fun, you know?"

"Yeah, sure" the pianist accepted, smiling at the other girl. "I'm sure it'll be more fun with someone else than on your own, so count me in!"

"Oh, that's fantastic. Then it's a date!" exclaimed Tsumugi. She then realized the implications of her words, and fiddled nervously with her hair, as the tiniest hint of a blush showed up in her cheeks. "I mean... oh, I know! You would make a great Kara Danvers. You know, Supergirl? But if you don't like comics, we can pick something from a manga or an anime... or maybe a movie? There are so many options!"

Kaede giggled as Tsumugi paused to take a breath. It seemed she got excited really quickly... but that was fine. It was like she was discovering a completely new side of the actress... one that she was very interested in knowing.

"Sorry... sometimes my hobbies get me too excited, and I get carried away" the girl apologized.

"Don't be. I'm pretty excited too!" the blonde laughed. "How about we try it tonight?"

"Sure! It's a date!" exclaimed Tsumugi. "Ehm, no, I mean..."

But this time, Kaede cut her off before she finished.

"Ok. A date it is" Kaede decided, and got up and left before Tsumugi could change her mind.
Tags: author: divaofdespair, fandom: danganronpa, table: alternate universes
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