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Poems/Fragments By Sappho - 3 Fills

Title: the grace of your eyes
Fandom: american gods/lucifer
Characters/Pairing: bilquis/mazikeen
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 15. stand to face me beloved
Rating: T
Word Count: 435
Summary: Mazikeen is often attracted to herself- and not only literally- she loves the taste of desperation and hunger and pain on any skin. If her eyes are closed and she’s had just enough to drink, the nostalgia might even fade enough to feel like home.
Link: ao3

Title: all night long
Fandom: once upon a time
Characters/Pairing: lacey/ruby
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 17. when all night long
Rating: T
Word Count: 100
Summary: The moment Lacey gets her memories back, she heads to The Rabbit Hole.
Link: ao3

Title: you burn me
Fandom: harry potter
Characters/Pairing: alicia/angelina
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 7. you burn me
Rating: T
Word Count: 604
Summary: Angelina is eight years old when the local youth quidditch league has a spot open for a chaser.
Tags: author: lesbiancleophas, crossover, fandom: american gods, fandom: harry potter, fandom: lucifer, fandom: once upon a time, table: poems by sappho
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