lesbiancleophas (lesbiancleophas) wrote in femslash100100,

Poems/Fragments By Sappho - 2 Fills

Title: remember us
Fandom: all american
Characters/Pairing: layla/olivia
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 16. someone will remember us
Rating: T
Word Count: 1338
Summary: Olivia is on her doorstep, a basket of her favorite chocolate-raspberry muffins on her arm, and Layla could dance for how much it feels like old times.
Link: ao3

Title: art, fine and vulgar
Fandom: the good place
Characters/Pairing: simone/tahani
Table/Prompt: Poems/Fragments By Sappho, 18. and on the eyes
Rating: T
Word Count: 340
Summary: “Shut up. Shut up!” Simone exclaims, looking around the neighborhood. “I didn’t even think there was an afterlife, y’know I did neuroscience. Definitely team mind and body as one. This is awesome!”
Link: ao3
Tags: author: lesbiancleophas, table: poems by sappho
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