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Part 1 can be found here.

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01.anticipate02.bamboozle 03.collapse 04.dank 05.elliptical 06.fatal
07.girdle 08.hankering 09.ink 10.jugular 11.knife 12.loner
13.marvel 14.narcotic 15.opposite 16.paltry 17.quilt 18.rind
19.startle 20.trickle 21.undulating 22.votive 23.wanton 24.xmas
25.yank 26.zipper


00:00beginning 01:00prehistoric 02:00anniversary 03:00generational 04:00insomnia 05:00contemporary
06:00dawn 07:00awakened 08:00heyday 09:00planned 10:00wristwatch 11:00punctual
12:00lunchtime 13:00instantaneous 14:00season 15:00unpredictable 16:00evolution 17:00finite
18:00afterlife 19:00outdated 20:00twilight 21:00mourned 22:00heartbeat 23:00endless


01.Hydrogen 02.Helium 03.Lithium 04.Beryllium 05.Boron 06.Carbon
07.Nitrogen 08.Oxygen 09.Fluorine 10.Neon 11.Sodium 12.Magnesium
13.Aluminium 14.Silicon 15.Phosphorus 16.Sulfur 17.Chlorine 18.Argon
19.Potassium 20.Calcium 21.Scandium 22.Titanium 23.Vanadium 24.Chromium
25.Manganese 26.Iron 27.Cobalt 28.Nickel 29.Copper 30.Zinc


00. The Fool 01. The Magician 02. The High Priestess 03. The Empress 04. The Emperor 05. The Heirophant
06. The Lovers 07. The Chariot 08. Justice 09. The Hermit 10. Wheel of Fortune 11. Strength
12. The Hanged Man 13. Death 14. Temperance 15. The Devil 16. The Tower 17. The Star
18. The Moon 19. The Sun 20. Judgment 21. The World


01.Astronomy 02.Sociology 03.Law 04.Economics 05.Chemistry
06.Statistics 07.Biology 08.Literature 09.Journalism 10.History
11.Medicine 12.Linguistics 13.Visual Arts 14.Psychology 15.Business
16.Meterology 17.Architecture 18.Philosophy 19.Physics 20.Politics
21.Engineering 22.Geology 23.Performing Arts 24.Anthropology 25.Archaeology


01.Beauty and the Beast 02.The Red Shoes 03.The Nutcracker 04.Cinderella 05.The Steadfast Tin Soldier
06.The Golden Goose 07.The Little Match Girl 08.Goldilocks and the Three Bears 09.The Six Swans 10.Rumpelstiltskin
11.The Frog Prince 12.The Nightingale 13.Hansel and Gretel 14.Snow White and Rose Red 15.The Firebird
16.Puss in Boots 17.Little Red Riding Hood 18.The Pied Piper of Hamelin 19.East of the Sun and West of the Moon 20.The Ugly Duckling
21.Sleeping Beauty 22.Pinocchio 23.Thumbelina 24.Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 25.Bluebeard
26.Rapunzel 27.The Raven 28.The Little Mermaid 29.The Snow Queen 30.The Twelve Dancing Princesses


01.Persephone 02.Icarus 03.Pandora 04.Echo 05.Zeus
06.Hera 07.Artemis 08.Medusa 09.Aphrodite 10.Nyx
11.Dionysus 12.The Danaides 13.Athena 14.Achilles 15.Hermes
16.Eurydice 17.Mnemosyne 18.Chronos 19.Penelope 20.Cassandra
21.Antigone 22.Ares 23.Morpheus 24.Nemesis 25.Hecate
26.Prometheus 27.Hestia 28.Eros 29.Apollo 30.Hades


01.After Hours 02.Alone At Last 03.Anything Goes 04.The Best Laid Schemes 05.The Bitter Love 06.Come Again
07.The Dangerous Games 08.Deadly Desire 09.The Delicate Vice 10.Detour 11.Either Is Love 12.Encore
13.Fair Game 14.Good Girl, Bad Girl 15.Into the Fire 16.A Labor of Love 17.Love in the Shadows 18.Obsession
19.One Way Trip 20.The Other Side of Love 21.The Passion Game 22.The Restless Beds 23.Sinful Desires 24.The Sisterhood
25.Strange Embrace 26.The Time and Place 27.The Twisted Path 28.Two Women in Love 29.When Lights Are Low 30.A World Divided


01.All Over Me 02.Better Than Chocolate 03.Bound 04.Circumstance 05.Cloudburst
06.Desert Hearts 07.Fire 08.High Art 09.I Can't Think Straight 10.Imagine Me & You
11.The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love 12.The Journey 13.Lost and Delirious 14.Love My Life 15.My Summer of Love
16.Saving Face 17.Show Me Love 18.When Night is Falling 19.With Every Heartbeat 20.The World Unseen


01.Aries 02.Taurus 03.Gemini 04.Cancer
05.Leo 06.Virgo 07.Libra 08.Scorpio
09.Sagittarius 10.Capricorn 11.Aquarius 12.Pisces


1. altered states 2. anonymity 3. authority 4. bathing 5. begging
6. biting/bruising 7. blindfolds 8. breath 9. clothing 10. dirty talk
11. edging 12. exhibitionism 13. food 14. groups 15. humiliation/shame
16. mirrors 17. obedience 18. pain 19. punishment 20. queening
21. restrained 22. roleplay 23. self-love 24. spanking 25. temperature
26. texture 27. toys 28. voyeurism 29. whipped 30. worship

See post here for kink explanations/descriptions.


1. Acting/Film Stars 2. Apocalypse/Dystopian 3. BDSM 4. Coffee Shop 5. College/University
6. Fairy Tales 7. Fantasy 8. Ghosts 9. High School 10. Historical
11. Magic/Witchcraft 12. Married/Domestic 13. Movie Fusion 14. Musicians/Bands 15. Mythology
16. Neighbors 17. Noir 18. Prison 19. Royalty 20. Sex Workers
21. Space 22. Sports 23. Spy/Espionage 24. Steampunk 25. Superheroes
26. TV Show Fusion 27. Vampires 28. Werewolves 29. Western 30. Author's Choice


1. Deathless Aphrodite of the spangled mind
2. Some men say an army of horse
3. ...among mortal women, know this
4. ...for those
5. He seems to me equal to gods that man
6. stars around the beautiful moon
7. you burn me
8. their heart grew cold
9. you came and I was crazy for you
10. not one girl I think
11. I simply want to be dead.
12. may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend
13. here now
14. but me you have forgotten
15. stand to face me beloved
16. someone will remember us
17. when all night long
18. and on the eyes
19. Moon has set
20. spangled is


1. Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold - As You Like It
2. They had not skill enough your worth to sing - Sonnet 106
3. Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs - Romeo and Juliet
4. Hell is empty and all the devils are here - The Tempest
5. To die upon a kiss - Othello
6. Let not light see my black and deep desires - Macbeth
7. That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot - Sonnet 71
8. For where thou art, there is the world itself, and where thou art not, desolation - Henry IV
9. Now is the winter of our discontent - Richard III
10. You have witchcraft in your lips - Henry V
11. Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps - Much Ado About Nothing
12. A dream itself is but a shadow - Hamlet
13. I had no judgment when to her I swore - A Midsummer Night's Dream
14. With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire - Twelfth Night
15. The field's chief flower, sweet above compare - Venus and Adonis
16. Nothing can be made out of nothing - King Lear
17. Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love - Antony and Cleopatra
18. I am not bound to please thee with my answers - The Merchant of Venice
19. The fault… is not in our stars, but in ourselves - Julius Caesar
20. She's beautiful and therefore to be wooed - Henry VI

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